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Group Sales: Buying 10 or More Tickets
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Group Sales: Admission Requirements
10 or more tickets to receive the group discount.
• Payment required at time of booking.
• 1 adult per every 10 children required*.

*Tickets are required for all guests in your group, including all adults. There is no complimentary admission for adults in General Admission groups.

Time Slot Restrictions
Tickets are for a specific entry date/time (limited capacity). You are required to adhere to the date/time of your tickets. If you purchase tickets for multiple time slots, each guest will only be allowed to enter at the date/time listed on their ticket.

Group General Admission - Adult
Regular Price: $24.95
Group Price: $21.95
Tickets for Adults (Ages 18-59).

Group General Admission - Senior
Regular Price: $22.95
Group Price: $19.95
Tickets for Seniors (Ages 60+).

Group General Admission - Child
Regular Price: $19.95
Group Price: $16.95
Tickets for Children (Ages 3-17)

Adult Supervision Required: Groups that include children must have a minimum of 1 adult present for every 10 children to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your group. Adults are responsible for ensuring children in their group follow all safety guidelines.

Group General Admission - Student
Regular Price: $22.95
Group Price: $19.95
Tickets for College Students (ID required*). *Must present valid school ID with ticket.